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PROJECT'S END DATE: 31/01/2020

TOTAL BUDGET: 13.670,00€


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The idea of ​​carrying out this mobility of youth workers, under the title "Seminar Contact for European Solidarity Corps", was born with the ultimate desire to create a network of European organizations that once participated in the European Voluntary Service (EVS) to develop new collaborations within the framework of the already established European Solidarity Corps (ESC), using this occasion to assess the new opportunities that it offers also in its "Traineeships and Jobs" aspect.

In this way, its main objective was to create new ties and new ways of working between the different participating organizations, all of them connected to the field of work in the field of youth. Thus, the creation of new working groups between expert organizations in the traditional and newly created European volunteering opportunities, both in the EVS and in the ESC.

Another objective with which the intention to carry out this project was born, from the understanding by the City Council of Alzira of the need to adapt to the transfer of the regulatory framework that has occurred with the creation of the CES from the Erasmus + EVS program, was to face these specific changes of this type of international mobility. Therefore, the project sought to address this need for a better understanding of how the new volunteer program works, allowing a smoother transition between the two projects thanks to the support between the participating organizations themselves.

Consequently, the City Council of Alzira also understood this project as an opportunity with which to seek new transnational collaboration opportunities thanks to the launch of the new ESC, as well as those offered by other different European funds.

Under these pretexts, an initiative was set up that planned to bring together 11 partners from 11 different countries with the ultimate objective of evaluating the possibilities of the ESC and the exchange of ideas and good practices of projects developed so far within the framework of the EVS, also being the basis for developing ideas and thus putting into practice future CES projects including the areas of employment and practices.

Both the City Council of Alzira itself and most of the partner organizations share the same problems in the field of youth in their geographical areas of action, so with this European initiative it sought to strengthen the contact networks between the participating partners. With this objective, a greater inclusion was sought, social inclusion and like favoring the employability of young people with fewer opportunities (including NEETs), without neglecting the low level of language and the mismatch of personal skills with respect to what is demanded by the market. of work.

Thus, finally, as a collateral effect of the launch of an initiative like this, was the creation of more opportunities for young people and the improvement of their social, civic and intercultural capacities, as well as the promotion of intercultural dialogue, the increase of the feeling of citizenship and the common values ​​of freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.


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