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Our next stop – Málaga

The mission of discovering the Andalucía region was still not completed. After the weekend in Granada we wanted to see more from this part of Spain and we moved on to Málaga. Our adventurous group changed a little bit as a few people had to return back to real life but we enjoyed it a lot anyway. At the end we were 6 in total. I can say that we were very lucky when we got to Malaga because two days before there had been a massive flooding. Fortunately, when we arrived, we could see just a few pools of water on the streets but it was not a disaster.

Firstly, we met with a lovely lady, the airbnb flat’s owner, who gave us the keys for the flat where we stayed. We received some nice recommendations where to try a typical Málaga cuisine from her. Of course, we went there. In the restaurant we were warmly welcomed by a Hollywood smile. The atmosphere was really pleasant because all members of the staff tried to make our stay enjoyable.

Málaga has many things to offer. We went to see the historical Alcazaba of Málaga. We had a nice view of the whole city from the top. We even saw a chase between a squirrel and a cat. According to Mert, the title Alcazaba has an Arabic origin and it can mean “town of God” but who knows… We visited the old town with many churches and an enormous Cathedral with a huge Bethlehem inside. We also had a chance to see a bit of the Christian ceremony there. Already in the Christmas mood we bought fancy St. Nicholas hats in a Chinese store and we kept them on our heads during the whole night. We also went to the beach called Malagueta to celebrate 6th of December, Saint Nicholas day.

For sure what you have to see in Málaga is its port. During the night the atmosphere there is more magical because all historical buildings are lit up and you can see their reflection in the water.

We also visited the museum of Arts – Centre Pompidou Málaga. There was a special offer to see an exhibition about Paris. I am not a big fan of museums but this one was really interesting. And not just that! For the first time I could say that the Erasmus card has its benefits. Due to this card we were able to prove that we are Erasmus volunteers and because of that the entrance for us was free. Isn’t it amazing? From that time I have been showing it to anyone and anywhere.

What I was impressed the most about in Málaga was something I had not expected at all. We were walking through the city centre when suddenly we saw impressive Christmas lights covering the city’s main shopping street, Calle Larios. We were lucky because we visited this street after 6.30pm, so we were able to watch a breathtaking light show to the sound of music. One of the songs was from Queen “Show must go on”.

Definitely, an unforgettable experience!

Lots of love,


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