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PROJECT'S END DATE: 30/08/2018

TOTAL BUDGET: 637.084,28€



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FAIR Project aims to promote apprenticeship towards SMEs through the activation of a stakeholder network which groups together companies, employement centers, training organizations, social partners, industry organizations and public administrations. F.A.I.R. Project intends to change mind-sets of SMEs towards apprenticeships, through the activation of contributions from abroad partnership, bringing together companies and key stakeholders from the employement and education sector. F.A.I.R. means "Fostering Apprenticeship sharing Ideas and Resources" both at transnational level, allowing the cooperation and the exchange of practice/models/results among partners, and a local level, through the creation of territorial synergies with the active involvement of key actors.

Italy, Spain and Romania are characterized by common low performances in the difussion of apprenticeships, but with solid traditions in work-based learning that could be enhanced and innovated. The 3 involved areas are strategic because they need to foster apprenticeship among companies through synergic approaches strongly linked to the social and economic enviroment.

The main objective of the project is to enhance the relevance of the apprenticeship in order to encourage the transition from school to work - especially for NEETs. Moreover, another important objective is to raise SMEs attention regarding the importance of apprenticeship.

The project aims to increase the number of SMEs that welcome young workers in apprenticeship. Social partners, representative organizations, public authorities will cooperate sharing ideas and resources in order to increase the number of firms providing placements, particularly involving those with no previous apprenticeships experience, focusing on first and third levels (dual aprproach).


  • Creation of permanent territorial Think tanks to address policies & strategies.

  • Collection/enhacement of territorial and national resources such as informative and guidance supports, databases and tools, programs for in-company trainers, etc.

  • Creation of a permanent link between education and employement organizations, aimed at matching skills needs and training programs.

  • Building smart and user-friendly support services dedicated to enterprises: information and practical guidance support, individual coaching, linkage with training organizations, availability of training programs for in-company tutors.

  • Organization of national awareness campaing focused on the spreading of a "new image" of apprenticeships, inspired by the history and oriented to the present/future.

  • Creation of a "FAIR Brand" that evokes ethical meanings and that will be linked to the social responsability policies.


The project is going to be articulated in the macro actions described below:

  • Model/best practice/database​ mapping used for the matching between young people and enterprises and the training of business tutors.

  • Realization of a FAIR "Help Desk" and creation of "Apprenticeship Promotion Angel" to support and assist SMEs with apprenticeship.

  • Creation of dialogue/exchange moments between SMEs and institutions involved in apprentices training, to create new collaborations and synergies.

  • Territorial diffusion and dissemination of the results and tools realized.

  • Chambers of Commerce became territorial landmarks to foster apprenticeship through supporting SMEs and networking stakeholders. The imaginary about apprenticeship will be transformed through an awarness cmpaing enlighting its economic and social VALUE. The Action will bring the concept that "Apprenticeship is FAIR". A "FAIR Brand" created by the Action will link apprenticeship to social responsability concept which will empower the reputation of SMEs adopting it.

FAIR Motivating IDEA Students
FAIR Motivating IDEA Students
FAIR Alzira's Industrial Conference
FAIR Alzira's Hostelry Conference
Sustainability Meeting Chamber VLC
Sustainability Meeting Chamber VLC
Sustainability Meeting Alzira visit
Sustainability Meeting Alzira visit
FAIR X Setmana de l'Economia Alzira
FAIR X Setmana de l'Economia Alzira
FAIR X Setmana de l'Economia Alzira


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