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IDEA is the Agency of Local Development of Alzira. It depends on Department of Economic Promotion, Employment and Commerce of the City Council and works towards the improvement of the economic situation of Alzira, focused on young people affected by consequences of financial crisis. IDEA is working in many fields, the most important of them are focused on promoting employment, entrepreneurship and European projects.

IDEA coordinates training courses for citizens to improve their position in labour market (English classes, computer skills, etc.). IDEA also runs seminars, workshops and offers individual interviews for local community. Thus, a double goal wants to be achieved: introduce people to more personalized job searching techniques and prepare them to face the new requirements of the changing market.


IDEA has participated in a wide range of European projects, including European Voluntary Service, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and Eurodysse Programme. In addition, IDEA has also participated in mobility programs for students, coordinating youth exchanges with other European organizations. During the exchanges, young people of Alzira share skills and interests with partners and participants from the rest of Europe.

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