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PROJECT'S END DATE: 30/06/2020

TOTAL BUDGET: 59.920 €


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The project “PINK REVOLUTION: HER POINT OF VIEW ABOUT SPORT”, acronym PINK, focused on the gender discrimination into the field of sport, especially on the professional-life’s disadvantaged and the pro-athletic’s disadvantaged of women because of resistance and prejudice, resulting from the belief that sports are a “men’s scope”. The project will benefit from this trouble situation to take the chance for a cultural revolution, in that way a “pink revolution”. Throughout 5 transnational meetings, including workshops and surveys with international partner coming from Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Spain, the project will enhance awareness, information, technical discussion, stakeholders involvement, about gender discrimination and promote the creation of an international network which promoting better conditions, better rights and better work environment into field of sport.The main activities within 18 months provide concrete results,s uch as the creation of a group of analysts about equality and gender discrimination policies and new tools to prevent gender discrimination, after an authentic analysis and overview of the phenomenon. The main output of the project will consist in a report detailing technical aspects of the innovative rules of behavior concerned. The document will be a framework of “Code of Conduct for the preservation of the dignity and wellness of women in the places and in the practice of sport”, it will be an initial step to prevent gender discrimination and for a significant cultural shift. The Code will be knowable and usable for everybody. At the end of the project and in order to create a strong network, the organizations partner establish an International Association of Women into the sport, with the purpose of promoting equity opportunities and tackling gender discrimination. Furthermore the Association will stand up to promote, to work in an active dissemination during and at the end of the project.


Dates and venue: 15-16 April 2019 – Rome, Italy

During the kick off meeting the representatives of each organization defined the entire project program: time schedule, respect of timelines, actual responsibilities, human resources involved.

Hosting organisation and the number of participantsECA ONLUS (Rome – Italy) Maximum of 10 participants (2 for each partner, 2 for applicant association)

Justify the need for the given number of participants and specify the role of each of themOne representative of the partner organization and another one that will actively dedicate itself to the daily realization of the project.

Participating organisations and the number of participants per each of them


Justify the need for the given number of participants and specify the role of each of themOne representative of the partner organization and another one that will actively dedicate itself to the daily realization of the project.


Bucharest, September 2019

During the second meeting of the project “PINK REVOLUTION” we wanted to get deeper in the topic of the gender balance in sport.

The participants, leaded by the Facilitator Luca Bellino, analized the situation about the topic focusing about the worse and the best practices in each of the partner countries.

The discussion has been leaded to the deepest issues for each  country.

In the second part of the meeting, the participants analized the effort each country is putting in solving the gender balance. The analysis has been started findind and discussing the social commercial that each country is producing to fight against lack of gender balance in sport.

At the end of the meeting the participants produced two short video commercial to promote gender balance in sport on european level.


Rome, November 2019

During the third meeting of the PINK REVOLUTION project (held in Rome) the participants, leaded by our facilitaror Luca Bellino, worked on a new tool to fight the gender discrimination.

The choice about the tool to use was to work on a “awareness raising” suvey. Our main goal wa to create a survey and to implementi t, trying to create some emotional reaction to the people who is going to fell the survey. We worked hard on the structure of the survey and on the topics to include in it.
The main topics for our survey are:
Women and poverty,Training of women, Women and wellness, Violence against women, Women and economic system, Women and power, Women’s human rights, Women and mass media.

After we created the survey, we implemented it in Rome. The participants went to the city center in order to collect as many filled survey as they could. At the end of the meeting we collected 100 filled survey.

The survey has been digitalized and shared between all the partners in order to make it reach their communities.

Here the link to the survey.

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