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PROJECT'S END DATE: 31/05/2022

TOTAL BUDGET: 157.154,00€


IDEA Moves VI, presented by the City Council of Alzira and subsidised by SEPIE (Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación) in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, finds its target in the mobility of 76 students of the VET vocational training courses for the Employment carried out in IDEA (Local Development Agency of City Council of Alzira).

According to the European development plan of the local development agency, we are looking for participation in European mobility programs as a way to improve the quality of the training taught at IDEA, to offer international mobility experiences to the students of the FPE, improve the expression and oral communication in foreign language of our students and increase the possibilities of the students of the agency to enter the European single market.


  • Improve the quality of the training offered by the City Council of Alzira (Vocational Training Courses for Employment).

  • Improve the attractiveness of the Vocational Education andTraining for Employment, for unemployeed and also for people at risk of social exclusion.

  • Complement the training with non-formal learning.

  • Provide students with opportunities to increase their work experience through a practice abroad.

  • Facilitate the transition from training to the labor market.

  • Improve the knowledge of our students about the opportunities in Europe.

  • Improve the knowledge of a foreign language of our students.



One of the most important aspects as an added value of this practice project lies in the work experience abroad at European level. If we take into account that the main objective of the unemployed students who are doing IDEA training is to access the labor market, this stay is a real proof that the knowledge and skills they are receiving through the Vocational Training Courses for Employment VET and the skills they already have, enables them not only to join the national labor market, but also to enable them to work abroad in member countries of the European Union where there is freedom of movement for workers. 

Another important result of the project is to the fact that provides a real experience in the business world to people who, due to the current economic situation, do not have the opportunity to find a practical job and therefore, when faced with a job interview, they lack professional experience.

Another basic outcome of this mobility project is the participants get to learn how to integrate and how to work in a multicultural environment.

Acquiring an open mind is important to live and learn in coexistence. It is a very important skill to face new situations, complicated or not. This work development in a multicultural environment is essential for personal and professional growth. By working abroad and having to cope with fewer tools than we have in our natural environment, professionals acquire a greater capacity to solve problems. The creation of more comprehensive work climates is encouraged. Students who return after completing this type of training abroad, like our students from the three previous editions, usually consider that the experience made them mature personally and intellectually. And they confirm in reality that the increase or improvement of language skills are essential to work abroad, as well as to communicate with other professionals and be able to enjoy personal and professional growth.

The knowledge and linguistic skills of the participants in the languages ​​of their host company were increased, for this the Commission provided them with didactic material through the OLS platform "Erasmus + Online Linguistic Support" and material provided by IDEA.

Participants are now more aware of the opportunities offered by the single employment market at European level and they also got the chance to develop management skills of their professional profile, using the Europass tools (including the Europass CV and the Language Passport).

IDEA MovesIV - Italia - 23-11-2018 (7)
IDEA MovesIV - Italia - 26-11-2018 (7)
IDEA MovesIV - Italia - 04-12-2018 (1)
IDEA MovesIV - italia - 3-12-2018 (13)
IDEA Moves iV - Italia - 01-06-2018 (2).
IDEA Moves IV - Malta - 16-06-2018 (1)
IDEA Moves IV - Malta - 24-07-2018 (2)
IDEA Moves IV - Malta - 13-09-2018 (3)
IDEA Moves IV - UK - 16-06-2018 (1)


"Diario de Mayar" (Mayar's Diaries) reflects all about an IDEA student experience during the european mobility covered by the "IDEA Moves IV" project. One of the first students to participte in this edition of IDEA Moves project, Maria Amparo Mora (Mayar), wrote everyday about their experience during her intership in Vasto (Italy) in July 2018.


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