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PROJECT'S END DATE: 31/01/2020

TOTAL BUDGET: 57.839,00€


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“Youth Employment Initiatives” is a project of sharing experiences and good practices between European organizations working in the field of youth that have developed their own initiatives, projects, tools or methods to improve the employability of young people. The exchange of experiences between organizations that work with young people is a way to encourage their improvement, because it allows getting first-hand knowledge and detail of the different actions conducted by similar entities that face homogenous situations.

Therefore, this project searches to promote knowledge of successful experiences regarding the promotion of employment for young Europeans, having as direct results that the participating organizations could take ideas to implement in their field of work together with the corresponding adaptations. This project on sharing experiences and good practices promotes high quality work in the youth field giving to the participants real examples that are successful, concrete and have been applied by the different European organizations with tangible results; moreover, sharing experiences and good practices indirectly promotes the development of new skills and competencies among those responsible of the development of actions to promote employment for young Europeans, by observing the actions of their European partners.


Young Europeans have been the most affected by the economic and financial crisis. In 2008, the 15% of Europeans between 15 and 24 years old were unemployed, a rate that in 2013 rose to 24% At the head of youth unemployment were Greece and Spain, with 60% and 56.2%, respectively, followed by Croatia 49.8%, Italy 44.1% and Portugal 40.7%. According to Eurostat data in 2017 the Youth unemployment in the European Union amounted to 16.8%, a rate that in the case of Greece rises to 43.7%; Spain at 38.6%, Italy * at 37.8%, the Netherlands at 8.9%, Austria at 9.8% and the United Kingdom to 12.1%. To reverse 2013 figures and support young people in the integration in the market of work, the countries of the European Union decided to launch the so-called "Guarantee Youth "and one of the main financial resources of the EU to finance the application of Youth Guarantee regimes has been the Youth Employment Initiative; but not only the European Union has implemented measures to tackle youth unemployment, municipalities, organizations regional and local juveniles; as well as training entities have sharpened their ingenuity to develop new or complementary actions to their daily actions that improve the possibilities of employment young people in their field of action. In this connection of unemployment youth, the project brings together 6 European organizations formed by three municipalities, one university, a regional youth organization and a training institution, working with young people unemployed and who have developed their own projects / initiatives in order to improve employability opportunities, in this context of crisis.


Three organizations come from countries where the employment rate varies between 8.9 - 12.1 which are Holland, Austria and United Kingdom, and the other three organizations come from countries with a youth unemployment rate which varies between 37.8 and 43.7 such as Italy, Spain and Greece. The City Council of Alzira has been awarded in March 2018 by the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces with the award good municipal government in the area of ​​local development and employment for the project "Youth Trip to the Employability "an innovative project that seeks the employment of 45 young people (between 16 and 30 years enrolled in the youth guarantee system), so that they can receive training and obtain and do use of the necessary tools to be able to get a job. The plan is structured through a series of integral measures divided into several steps of action that are: -welcome, - training, - training, - orientation and employability; has three itineraries which are (Hospitality, Electromechanics and Commerce and logistics) with an integral reinforcement in Languages ​​(English) and upon completion all participants will obtain a certificate of professionalism.


The project includes the assistance of a mentor guide, a professional counselor who will take care of develop the potential of the participants both personally and professionally. The objective of project is that through the observation of good practices and experiences the organizations improve the performances so far developed, therefore the public The objective of this project is workers of organizations that develop initiatives or implement their own projects to improve the employability of young people, or to improve their personal and professional skills oriented to the labor insertion. The problem of Youth unemployment affects, to a different extent, all EU countries, so in this project we have included organizations that develop youth employability projects and that face an unemployment rate between 8 and 12% with European organizations that must face unemployment rates of up to 43%, it is a transnational problem and therefore We seek to learn from other organizations that implemented programs with positive results facing similar situations of unemployment. 

YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki
YEI - Youth Employement Initiatives - Ki


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