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PROJECT'S END DATE: 31/03/2022

TOTAL BUDGET: 37.495,00€





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Project’s scope is focused in tackling the needs of VET sector in vocational advisory. According to the project experts’ research (representing all partners) and available literature there is a need to update outdated tests, which have been used since years and methodology of supporting career decisions and vocational development of people during transition and long-term unemployed looking for competencies important in open EU job market. The format and methodology of assessment and supporting vocational development are not suitable any more for young EU citizens, which means that VET advisors (working in schools, labour agencies, coaches, ect.) are looking for new tools assisting personal career development. Consortium will focus on supporting emotional intelligence and socio-emotional competencies of beneficiary thanks of:

  • Working on conflict: The labour market is not capable of meeting the working needs of the citizens which has taken many people into learning as a desperate way out to get a job. As a consequence, unrest, negativity, demotivation and hopelessness in the future are the elements that represent a situation which is much more complex for teachers of the unemployed.

  • Sharing experiences and contrasting methodologies: Being a common problem and challenge across Europe there is the opportunity to share experiences and methodologies for knowledge transfer.

  • Providing trainers with socio-emotional skills: VET educators and trainers often are specialist in their technical subject but they do not have the emotional skills and competences developed to face the complex socio-emotional situations that might encounter in the classrooms.

The project is focused in VET as TARGET GROUP, especially: VET advisors, career coaches (1st) and VET learners (2nd). Improving competencies of these groups is very promising for achieving broad results coming from services delivered for big number of advisors customers. Due to the economic crisis, for the last few years there has been a significant growth in the number of people who are long-term unemployed. Eurostat’s statistics show that 5% of the EU working population is long term unemployed although the differences between European countries vary from the 5% of AU to the 19,5% of Greece.

Analysing the long term unemployment as a percentage of the total unemployment by sex and age from 14-75 years the figures an EU average of around 33.6% The difficulties that these people face are two-fold: on one hand, they are searching in a saturated employment market, and on the other, their experience and qualifications are not easily adapted to present needs. The long-term unemployed, not only need to improve their technical skills, but they also have difficulties with motivation, initiative and maintaining a positive attitude. Understanding this is key to improve their employability. Professionals that teach the long-term unemployed, not only need to know the technical contents, but also the process of teaching and learning. It’s vital to give teachers the emotional skills to identify the course attendees´ needs, address their low self-esteem, frustration, rage and hopelessness.


  • To improve advisors´ educational practice quality, by using online tests/guides or coaching sessions (O1-O4) to facilitate the management of emotional processes in classroom.

  • Develop innovative teaching resources to train VET educators in emotional competencies (O1-O4).

  • Develop an interactive platform with virtual spaces for the self-assessment of emotional competencies, co-creation and dissemination of educational materials, exchange of ideas and methodologies, etc. (IO1).

  • Test the quality of the products obtained consulting stakeholders, associated partners and indirect target groups.

  • Disseminate the project at local/regional/national and international level taking advantage of partners’ network.

The ultimate objective of this project is to improve the quality of the teaching and learning process by developing emotional skills competences among VET advisors to tackle effectively the specific characteristic of the target group: VET students. The emotional skills training for VET advisors will improve their professional practice, will improve their expectations of being successful in teaching target group and will have positive impact on professional development and future career. By offering new tools and methods they will help to avoid burnout.

Project would generate a positive IMPACT:

  1. Educate trainers of the long-term unemployed who are actively seeking work, particularly those at risk of exclusion and vulnerability (such as refugees and asylum seekers).

  2. It will help VET students who want to improve their training to maintain or improve their professional career.





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