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PROJECT'S END DATE: 01/11/2019

2018 BUDGET: 200.000,00€



More about of this transnational project partners


PROMINENT MED main objective is to promote the green growth in the mediterranean area through the establishment of the Innovative Public Purchase (IPP) like a way to promote the innovative culture. That will mean technical assistance for the training of the municipalities of the Ribera region (Valencia) in Innovative Public Purchase (IPP) and, more specifically, the establishment of the IPP mechanism in the city of Alzira as a way to promote public services and promote the innovation.

But also the support in the preparation and launch of a IPP tender aimed at improving the energy efficiency of a public building within the framework of the project and performing, on time and according to the needs of the Consorci, the assistance tasks necessaries to achieve the objectives, activities and mandatory deliverables of the PROMINENT MED project.


Prominent MED focuses on the use of Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI) to stimulate the adoption of innovative products and services that can improve the quality of the services for citizens. PPI will be related to innovative energy efficient materials and processes for public building energy refurbishment.

The aim is to improve the quality of public services activating a market demand triggering industry to scale up its production chain to bring products on the market with desired quality/price ratio within a specific time.


  • Advise on the legislative, administrative and regulatory analysis of the IPP.

  • Support the collection of information, data, cases of excellence and existing know-how about IPP and its application in the field of energy efficiency of buildings and facilities.

  • Support the market analysis that will identify the most innovative solutions, the market conditions and the distribution of the risks and benefits of the IPP, so that it serves as a starting point for the design of the guide for its implementation.


City Council of Alzira, together with the Energy Department of the Consorci de la Ribera and the Polytechnic University of Valencia, organized on March 8th, 2018 in Alzira a day of market consultation in the framework of the European project PROMINENT MED (Public procurement of Innovation to stimulate the ecological growth in the Mediterranean area). What is intended is to look for exterior carpentry solutions of an innovative nature that reduce energy consumption associated with windows, as well as CO2 emissions, while providing the necessary degree of soundproofing according to the use of the building.

This day is motivated by the fact that the Energy Department of the Consorci de la Ribera together with the City Council of Alzira prepare a Public Purchase of Innovative Technology for an amount of 200,000 euros in order to replace 121.94 m2 of carpentry Outside the façades to achieve an energy building almost unheard of, the energy rehabilitation of Alzira's "Warehouse of Cuckoo" building is carried out.

As a prelude to the preparation of this tender, this day of consultation in the market was organized with the aim of facilitating open dialogue and the flow of information between the administration and the potential suppliers.

The conference was addressed to manufacturers and suppliers of window solutions interested in participating in the public tender that will be announced in 2018. During the day the exposed technological needs were exposed that are expected to be met through the future tender. In addition, a visit to the building in question was made.

On the other hand, the attending industrialists had the opportunity to inform on the current state of the technology and to present their solutions of an innovative nature.



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