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PROJECT'S END DATE: 28/02/2018

TOTAL BUDGET: 8656,67€


More about of this transnational project partners



The Youth Training Madeira V project is part of the collaboration that the City Council of Alzira and the Associação Académica da Universidade da Madeira have been developing in the previous last 3 years after the begining of this project, where 4 common projects have been developed. The project aims to send two young Valencians to carry out an EVS activity together with the Portuguese organization for a period of 10 months.

The project aims to intercultural learning of young people, facilitating joint activities of young people of different nationalities in different cultural environments, promoting diversity, and intercultural dialogue as volunteers collaborate with a Portuguese organization promoting visitors to the island of Madeira buildings of a great patrimonial and cultural value.


  • History Tellers: dealing with real stories. This activity tried to present the past of Funchal and the current affairs of the city. In this unique experience, volunteers teached local people and visitors the history of Funchal, on the streets and  real buildings. The volunteers followed and supported all the historical research that was essential to inhance and develop the project. It allowed them to draw several stories out of paper in the form of real stories and create a metaphysical link between the Funchal of the past and the present.


  • Municipality of Funchal: It is an important building in the history of Funchal that has various points of interest. Thus, the work of the volunteers is the study, preparation and performance of guided tours.


  • Institute of Jesuits of Funchal: These activities involved support in daily guided visits to areas of the Institute, supporting the conservation of the building, interaction with foreign visitors and the organization of musical events. In addition to the Jesuit Institute of Funchal, visits to other tourist attractions in the city have also been promoted. The church of San Juan Evangelista is another site where volunteers developed studies and analysis in the context of art history and history, with the aim of promoting actions in these monuments.


  • Regional Assembly of Madeira: Being one of the first customs offices, this building had a great importance in the history of Madeira, especially in relation to the control of the industry and the sugar trade. The work of the volunteers was the study, preparation and performance of guided visits, both to visitors and students.


  • The Monastery of Santa Clara: Founded around 1490, it is one of the oldest parishes in Funchal and received from its beginnings single sisters of high class families of Madeira who dedicated their lives to religion. As in other attractive sites, the work of volunteers was the study, preparation and performance of guided tours, both visitors and students.


  • The publication of the book "Historia de Funchal", in English and published by the university, together with the volunteer's contribution (photos, review and consumer test), aimed at foreign residents to increase the history of the island of Madeira and promoted a good atmosphere between locals and visitors.


  • The publication of updates of volunteers activities and tourist attractions in a new section of AAUMA website: http://aauma.uma.pt.

  • The premiere of an exhibition on the History and Culture of Madeira, available for visitors to the Institute of Jesuits.


  • The development of cultural visits to disseminate the Food Exchange project among Madeira's visitors and other social projects that create links between the island's community and visitors: http://bolsas.pt/pl_bolsadealimentacao.html


  • The development of campaigns for the host organization's cultural projects: brochures and pamphlets.