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May 25th

As I was spending last weekend in a multicultural city of Valencia, I came across a festival in Jardines de Viveros. At first, it was the sound… and then a sight of a crowd of locals and some tourists exploring various cultures living in Spain. So what was happening?

Rhythms of drums pulled me closer to the scene – I was at the celebration of African Day 2017.

The event celebrates cultural diversity, 25th May is Africa day.

During the day presentations on history, diaspora and culture were given.

Fashion show of traditional African clothes is telling a story of the ancestors, their beliefs, experiences and imagination. History, pride and sense of belonging expressed in a piece of clothing.

Presentations on arts and origin of musical instruments are ways to learn and understand cultures and to break the stereotypes. Variety of African associations, groups and local initiatives presented their works of arts and were selling these.

The program contained live Gospel music, Afrobeat, percussion concert and dance workshops… African music originated long ago and influenced a huge number of music genres. E.g. blues and expression of disillusionment, reggae which talks about hardship but makes you feel relieved or salsa which makes you enjoy day and night and feel sweet and alive.

Heritage of African culture is evident in our everyday lives and it was a great day to be reminded and celebrate.


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