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Between English corner, dances & solidarity

Being an EVS volunteer is more than just an oportunity of discovering a whole new way of life. Opens your mind and makes you see the world with a different eyes. That’s what happened with “European Youth in Alzira III” volunteer L’udmila Kostelniková, who was volunteering in “La Purísima” School in Alzira.

She had the chance to share her daily life with the kids of these school in a lot of different ways. What allowed her to “stablish unbreakeble bonds with them and giving her the aim of waiking up everyday to go to the school to spend time with them”, in her own words.

Activities that went from having her particular “English corner” where students could practice their lenguage skills and improve their level of English to solidarity activities and crowdfunding projects for School’s cooperation programms. And also she had the opportunity to dance with them in the Phisical Education lessons, “a very rewarding experience.

You can take a look to her experience by listening L’udmilla point of view in the following video below:

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