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Carnaval en Tirant Lo Blanc

On the 27th of February we celebrated Carnival in my EVS hosting organization CEIP Tirant Lo Blanc.

For the past two weeks we were doing different workshops to prepare the big festival.

We were crafting maracas with the smallest children from 2 to 5 years old, using paper rolls, nails and lentils. With the primary school children, we crafted drums as well.

The final goal was to perform the song "Mais que nada" all together Brazilian Batucada-style :-) which was a total success on 27th.

I was even allowed to do my own workshop with consisted of making carnival masks from papier-mâché. To be honest the process was a whole mess which I did not expect but at least I gained experience and would probably organize it differently next time (difficult topic in Spain… 😊)

But in my opinion they turned out beautiful and despite the mess the children have been really creative in painting and decorating the masks.

Finally, this week we came together every morning for the ritual to remove a sock from a witch-puppet. Well, so much for Spanish carnival tradition.

On the 27th the last sock was being taken off what means that the carnival is about to begin. on this day all the children brought a costume and after lunch we all disguised and the parents of the children came to see the Batucada show.

The personal highlight for the children was of course the cake and chocolate milkshake as reward afterwards ;-)

Anem Tirant!! Next stop --> Las Fallas :-D


Theresa von Skwarczinsky - Erasmus+ "European Youth in Alzira IV"

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