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Erasmus+: LIFE in the Czech Republic!

Hi, my name is Sheila Amorós! I'm from Alzira and I participated in Train the Trainers, a training course of Mladiinfo CZ from Czech Republic with 4 Spanish partipants more, Raquel, Gonzalo, Ricardo and Loles.

In there we knew people from Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Finland which we spent amazing time during the activities and the free time.

During this week we did activities related in awareness raising and experiential learning, that give us the opportunity to learn how to reach the learning goals when we work with youth workers or you during group works.

It's amazing how you mind change during the reflection moment after different games and flowing games and you get new knowledge and skills.

I believe that this training give me a new tools that makes me change the way to think about how to solve the problems, in my work or in my daily life, and involve the people that I have around me, trying to find the best solution in a efficient way.

And I think that the methodology that the mentors - Marketa, Eliska and Petra - used it helped us to break our borders and go out to our comfort zone.

And now I remember my letter of the last night in the forest with the only light of a few candles. They haven't all been blown out and save all my expectations for the future after this experience.

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