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Reflection on ArtRepreneur

In Late October 2015 IDEA sent eleven Alzireños to participate in the ArtRepreneur project in Romania. There they meant participants from Hungary and Romania and worked to learn about entrepreneurship, recycling and utilising art in both. This project ran many workshops and cultural trips to help them achieve this.

Here are the thoughts of some of the participants

  • It is something that I would definitely recommend to everyone and I would gladly repeat it as well”. Carles

  • There I met the ten other alzireños that for a magical period of 10 days were to become part of one of the best memories of my lifeMiguel

  • I really liked those moments. Getting to know the other people of the program and sharing with them funny, intense and very rewarding momentsBorja

  • The experience was very rewarding both personally and professionallyIria

  • It is difficult to explain in words the experiences I had during this project” Tessa

  • “When I returned, carrying a suitcase full of crafts I had done there, but also full of words, memories, pictures, experiences you never imagined you could experience there and I will never forget”. Lucia

IDEA was very happy to provide these young people this opportunity.

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