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Las Fallas Festival in Valencia

If you want to visit a traditional Spanish festival then “Las Fallas” is the perfect festival where you should go. First of all, Valencia is a great city with many nice places. But during the “Las Fallas” this beautiful city gets entirely devoted to the festivities. Las Fallas is a festival which is visited by 1 million tourists.

For the volunteers of IDEA it was a unique experience to follow the event from the first row. We saw a mix of Fallas, namely a part of Valencia itself but also in Alzira. Reaching Valencia during the Fallas week was no problem. The train was running day and night. IDEA´s volunteers are certainly no strangers to the local population of Alzira. So the citizens of Alzira were very proud of their culture and tried to show us every part of the festival.

During the Fallas the festivities start at 2PM with “mascleta”: Mascleta is a pyrotechnic event characterized by the achievement of a noisy and rhythmic composition during daytime. If you see it for the first time it’s a very impressive show. The mascletas in Alzira and Valencia are almost the same. This show is also a competition for the best mascleta.

The last days are the most impressive days of the Fallas. The last Friday of the Fallas, all the volunteers went to Valencia to see the most important decorative fireworks show. Like you can see in the movie, it was incredible. The firework show took more than 20 minutes. This firework was the launch of a two-day public festival on the streets of Valencia.

Everywhere you could see partying people, pop-up churros shops and beautiful statues. These statues could be up to twenty meters high.

And at the end of the festival they were set on fire during a big show to celebrate the end of the Fallas festival.



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