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National Park

During the weekend of 8-9 april I was hosting some friends of Belgium. They already visited Valencia City before so we take the decision to get out of the city center and discover the region outside the center. Saturday we went to the port of Valencia, it was amazing. It’s just April but the temperature was at least 25 degrees. There was not a lot of wind, so it really was the perfect day to go sailing on the sea. The water was so calm, and the sun was shining right in my face. The result after 3 hours during boat trip, my face was totally red. Little hint for myself, next time I will use sun cream. But it was a great day, we saw the City in another dimension.

Next day we took the decision to rent a little motorcycle and go to the Natural park of Valencia (Albufera). It was a nice decision to go on a motorbike but getting out of the city center was HELL. Sometimes it was a little dangerous but it was Sunday, it should be the calmest day on the road. The moment that we get out of the city was amazing, we saw beautiful small villages and even more beautiful beaches.

When we arrived at Albufera, we were in shock. It is a wonderfully spacious and untouched area. We all didn’t expect something like that so close next to busy city of Valencia.

We did a little boat trip on the lakes and after that, I can assure you this is the most beautiful natural park in the region of Valencia, or maybe of entire Spain. Next to the lakes there is a small town that is famous for his Paella. And I admit it was delicious.

So if you come to visit Valencia, try to go further than just the city center of Valencia. It’s worth it!

Wannes Van de Vondel

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