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Welcome New Volunteers!

We are delighted to welcome our new volunteers Mert, Lucia, and Evelina who are all going to volunteer at the European department at IDEA. Having arrived in July they will be here until the end of March spending some lovely (we hope) 9 months in Alzira.

What will you do at IDEA? And why IDEA?

Evelina: I will be taking some English Coffee conversational classes, mostly Advanced and Intermediate level plus a project called Parent’s school. Apart from that I will also work administratively. … plus try and better my Spanish of course haha! IDEA seemed like a great opportunity that fit my interests and provided me with valuable work experience.

Mert: I did economics at university so I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work for the local economic development agency here in Alzira (IDEA) and the way they are specialised in young and unemployed people. I think that is really exciting and interesting. I also wanted to learn about the formal business life practice and work ethic. IDEA is really good for that purpose. I have an opportunity to improve my people and business skills here. At IDEA I manage the basic English conversational classes. So it is also a way to improve my English skills as well.

Lucia: I am responsible for Intermediate English coffee and also some basic classes. I will also try to help out with the European projects. The truth is that I had no idea what EVS was until I stumbled upon a facebook post about IDEA and it seemed like a great thing. I love it so far. Spontaneity is good!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Evelina: I was born in Sweden, grew up in different places and finally decided to go study in Scotland, so that’s where I have lived the last 5 years or so. I studied Politics at the University of Glasgow.

Lucia: I am from Slovakia and I always wanted to go abroad, so here I am Recently, I worked in an International company as an Accountant, so this kind of experience is totally different. I will try my best to fill out your expectations.

Mert: I was born and bred in Ankara, which is the capital of Turkey. I am 24 years old. I have recently graduated from Hacettepe University and my major was economics. After finishing my education I wanted to have an international experience and I applied for an EVS project at IDEA, Alzira. I feel really good about it so far.

A secret you want to share.

Lucia: I don’t want to share a secret… they are secret!

Evelina: I am gonna go with the same one I used as an example in my English classes haha… Nicole Kidman once invited me to her party.

Mert: Sorry, I don’t know if I can share it with you.

Three quick questions:

Summer or winter

Evelina: Summer everyday of the week, I have been living in Scotland you know

Mert: of course Summer! That is why I am here haha

Lucia: Summer. I love sunny weather, I love sun, and sun, and sun.

Countryside or City

Evelina: City! The size doesn’t really matter.

Mert: Big, big city, more than 10 million….

Lucia: City, i have been living in the countryside for most of my life, before I moved to Bratislava and that was a good decision.

Dog or Cat

Evelina: Hm, tricky one. I always wanted a dog but got a cat… sorry mum I am going to have to say Dog here.

Mert: that is not a question, of course Dog.

Lucia: Dog for sure, I have a dog and I was helping out in a dog shelter as a volunteer in Slovakia.

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