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Camp de Mestalla

I have been here for 2 months and I can already feel how I have adapted to the life here. I have begun to talk in Spanish; I can do my job working with Valencian people etc.

Everything is really nice. After having settled in so well, I felt that it was the time for me to go to the stadium ´Camp de Mestalla´ and support the team Valencia CF.

On September 22, Yusuf, Óscar and I had tickets for the game Valencia – Alaves. Before the match “we” had played 4 games and we had “zero” points. The team fired our coach and I

knew that is a golden opportunity for resurrection. Actually as a Turkish person I am really interested in football, and since I live in Alzira, just outside Valencia now, I support Valencia CF with my heart. Valencia is the 3rd biggest city in Spain and Valencia CF is also a really important and big team in the Spanish National 1st tier of “La Liga”.

I went to the stadium 2 hours before the game, and I could smell the atmosphere, I talked to the opponent team, Alaves, fans also and we spent a really good time with them. Everything was so peaceful and friendly but when the game started excitement levels went up. The first half result was 1-1. In the second half we managed to score one more goal with a late minute penalty and we won the match 2-1. Yes, finally we had 3 points and I got to experience it with my own eyes. It was an unforgettable experience for me and I am sure that I will continue to go to the games of Valencia.

Amunt València!

And special thanks to Óscar Ahullo

Mert Erbek

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