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Reflections on the EVS experience

Three of the volunteers (Saliha, Aybegüm, and Senem) who have done their EVS with local schools here in Alzira are soon returning back home. Below are short reflections on the time they spent here.

Saliha Koçak

Country: Turkey

Project: European Voluntary Service

In Alzira: April 2016 – September 2016

Why EVS?

It is the best way to earn different experiences without being a part of the usual life routine. The difference from any other youth programme is that it is being provided by the European Union and knowing what are we going to be in, knowing that there is always an organisation(actually two) at anytime we need help.

Before my volunteering experience started I knew that it would be worth it and now, after six months, I am so happy to have had this learning process in this beautiful city with IDEA.

During six months in CEIP Federico Garcia Sanchiz -which was like a home to me- I have worked with really nice people, had good communications, have improved my spanish. The priceless memories are all the classes with children, learning lessons from them that we can’t learn at school and knowing that I have added something to their vision even if it is so little .

And of course being amazed by Valencia City everytime I went:).

I recommend this unique experience to every young person who have a chance to do it.

Senem Gümüsay

Country: Turkey

Project: European Voluntary Service

In Alzira: April 2016 – September 2016

My Motivation:

I wanted to be a volunteer, because I like to help people and I wanted to know how life is like in Spain. I wanted to know the culture and the language through a concrete project and I thought that the EVS was the best way to do it. I was a bit afraid before I came here, because I did not know what will happen, how people are living…

I thought things like this but when I came here I saw there is nothing to be scared of. Everybody was very kind, helpful and cheerful.

Why Spain?

I had a two reason for this. Firstly, I studied art painting and now I am doing a Master Degree and I wanted to experience something diffirent. I love history of art and Spain has a great history about that. There is too many great painters. Like Picasso, Dali, Miro… I wanted to know what it feels like being at the place where great painters once lived and my second reason is I wanted to improve my languages skills for my academic carreer and I wanted to know a different culture.

My Experience:

I’ve spent the last six months in the beautiful country of Spain. I stayed in Valencia-Alzira. I was working in Luis Suñer Sanchis for IDEA. We had diffirent activities almost every week and I helped them. It was a great time. The list of accomplishments just goes on and on. People don’t care where you are from, what religion you belive (or not belive) in, which color you are. It is a country that fits my ideals perfectly and it was a real pleasure to live there for six months.

In the end, I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful opportunity. You’ve made these months to an unforgettable one for me. It was a real pleasure working with İDEA and I do hope that this will not be the last time to be Alzira.

Aybegüm Kalfa


Project: Europan Voluntary Service

In Alzira: April 2016 September 2016

My Motivation:

Before my EVS I was worried about living in a new country, new culture, new language. After I arrived in Alzira I obtained new friends and that was wonderful for me. I learnt new traditions, new foods, new songs, new dances. I am working in a highschool. So I met a lot of students. I shared my culture and I discovered spanish culture with the students.

My Experiences:

I have had the best experiences in my life. For me it was the time to really grow up. To take decisions, living in a new country… It was unforgettable and a meaningful EVS experiences. I am very happy to have worked with IDEA.

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