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Bowling in Alzira

In November the weather here in Alzira suddenly changed. Ok, let’s be honest. It was still better than in the UK and the temperature was very pleasant for this month (snow nowhere) but anyway, everyone was a little bit shocked. The lovely Spain turned from an “always” sunny country into a rainy one. You could see no-one on the streets and that was quite scary. People were complaining and you were able to see in their “happy” faces that they would be spending their afternoon again on the sofa.

One evening we tried to change this routine and we decided to go play bowling. We had been talking about it from our arrival to Spain but we were still not brave enough to try out this competitive indoor game. This evening we finally agreed!

We were quite a big group – Evelina and me (Lucia), volunteers from other flat – Michael, Katerina and Karolina and our taxi – Oscar. We were very excited about this idea since for some it was the first time playing the game. The atmosphere was much better when we realized that the whole bowling area was just for us. At the end we managed to play two games. Of course, the Spanish talent showed us how to play it – two wins for Oscar. Congrats! Although, I assume he got pretty lucky that time. J The others were also doing very well. We were able to see a few unpredictable strikes. We learnt new tactics and what is more important we learnt that timing is everything. When your timing is right and when your arms and legs move in the correct direction, you have a better balance and you are more accurate. We also found out that you can LOVE the game even if you are not the best player in the world.

For your imagination, Evelina made a short video, in which you can see how much we enjoyed this nice evening. Evelina, big thank you for your good job!

I cannot wait for a derby!


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