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Mid-term training in Mollina

In the end of November Mert, Lucia and I (Evelina) went to Mollina for our Mid-term training (it is hard to believe we have actually spent half of our time already).

Due to some unforseen circumstances we had to change trains in Madrid, so we set out early in the morning on Monday the 28th of November for a whole day of travelling. It took us three trains (Alzira -Valencia, Valencia-Madrid, Madrid – Antequera) and 1 bus to get to the end station Mollina.

Fortunately enough, during the layover in Madrid we met up with some of the other volunteers from our On-Arrival training, so we were in good company. At around 6pm we finally arrived to the youth center wich would become our home for the next coming 5 days.

Just as on our On-arrival training the days were filled with activities and events making the time we spent there fun, but very intense. Compared to Alsasua, there were also a lot more volunteers, around 65 people in total.

On the Wednesday we went on a visit to Antequera “el Corazón de Andalucía”. We got to know the city through a guided tour showcasing its interesting history and some spectacular views. Thereafter we were left to explore the place on our own before heading back to Mollina. Some of the trip can be viewed in the video below:

The last night in Mollina was a goodbye party and the kitchen staff had really worked hard making a variety of tapas for us to enjoy followed by some light entertainment and fun games. On the Friday morning we left feeling joyous and full of new perspectives, the only regret being that we might have compromised on the little thing called sleep. After all, with 65 people to get to know, there really wasn´t much room for rest.


// Evelina, Mert and Lucia

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