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Barcelona & Hang Massive

I heard their music for the first time in my life maybe 3 years ago. I don’t remember the exact time but after that I told myself one day I have to listen to them live. Their name is Hang Massive and they play Hang Drum. The sound is so magical and mystical to me.

It was a normal day in November and one of my best friends, my baby bro from our on-arrival training in Altsasua, Felix, called me. He asked me “Do you wanna go with me to the concert of Hang Massive in Razzmatazz in Barcelona?” – I told him “we are already on our way.”

I was so lucky because he had organized everything connected with our trip. Felix is French and he has friends from Grenoble, France. Nowadays, they have been studying in Barcelona. They hosted us during our stay in Barcelona. All of us had a really good time. Even on the last day when they were studying chiropractic we got a professional massage from them. It was such a good felling, especially, after all those things we experienced there. We were really tired.

And yes, it was Friday night and we were in Razzmatazz. After a while Hang Massive came with their DJ and did their performance. It is hard for me to describe my feelings about that. It was one of my dreams and it came true. I can just say that it was totally unforgettable experience to me.

The day after we hanged out with Guillame and Marc, they showed us their city; I have done a lot of travelling during my EVS experience but that one has a special place for me. All the famous things of the city like beautiful city parks, the Sagrada Familia and many other Gaudi’s architecture, a top point of Barcelona, the Bunkers del Carmel were great but besides of those, the atmosphere of the city and people made me feel so excited. Barcelona became very special for me and I will not forget this trip.

Special thanks to my baby bro, Felix Juillaguet

Mert Erbek

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