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Granada and La Alhambra

After our mid-term training in Mollina we decided to travel a little bit more and to explore a few cities in the Andalucía region. Mert, Evelina and me took a few days off to discover the southern part of Spain.

Our first stop was Granada, a touristic city with typical tapas and La Alhambra. We spent the whole weekend in this city with many other volunteers. In total we were 9. Even though we were a big group we managed to organize our trip very well.

Firstly, we took a long nap. Everyone was very exhausted after the interactive activities from the training. The nap was needed indeed in order to be able to function and to start our holidays.

According to me the most remarkable experience was a view from the roof of our rented flat. We were able to see the whole Alhambra complex – the Spain’s most famous Arab citadel. The location of our flat was directly in Albaicín, a World Cultural Heritage. The lovely narrow streets, traditional houses and the Arabic architecture were unrivalled. A hospitable atmosphere was always around us.

All of us realized that it is true that Granada is the capital of tapas. The Tapas routes were something that we enjoyed the most. It was amazing! Even though it was December we were sitting on the terrace and watching the surroundings of the historical centre at the Plaza Nueva.

As I mentioned in the beginning, we had just one weekend – two days for Granada. One day we managed to see the old city with Cathedral and other historical monuments and on the other day we decided to visit the famous La Alhambra. No wonder why it is so popular among all the people – a huge palace with large gardens in autumn colors directly in the city. Awesome!

It was an incredible experience worth repeating!

If you don’t want to just read about our trip to Granada but also see it, you have an opportunity to see Evelina’s short movie. All you need to do is to click on the video below.

Warm regards,


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