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A Visit to Castellón

One day Evelina and I decided to visit our ex-colleague, Teo, in Castellón de la Plana where she moved for taking part in an another European project. To be honest, we had been planning this reunion since December, and we were finally able to arrange it. I have to say that we got very lucky because we managed to catch the train from Alzira at the very last minute. To my surprise, Castellón was farther than I expected but we couldn’t have chosen a better day for the visit! The weather was simply amazing and in Castellón, it was the last day of the celebrations of Santa Magdalena. Without a doubt, the most important festival of the year in the region. The festival takes place during one week and it starts and ends with the typical “Mascletà”.

Small kids were throwing petards all around the city and all week long, especially during the last day, you couldn’t hear anything else. During the days of celebrations, the city is flooded with many activities. We were able to experience “the tapas area” where we ate typical food in small portions. The pleasant atmosphere created mostly by locals was accompanied by music of all kinds. Teo became our tour guide for the day and she showed us the beauty of the city. We walked for miles but we saw everything including the Main Square, the Central market, the Santa Maria Cathedral, the Town Hall and other historic monuments and buildings. I fell in love with the stunning view from Teo’s flat. Did I mention that she lives on the 21st floor and she has an access to the roof of the building? From the roof you could see the whole city – buildings, mountains, fields or beautiful beaches. Castellón is a coastal city that has some sandy beaches and parks with palm trees that we also had a chance to visit.

At least from my point of view, the city has a countless charm that should not go amiss while visiting the Valencia Community.



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