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The Economic Week

The City Council of Alzira in collaboration with the Business Association organized the IX Week of Economy and Employment; a week-long event that took place in the Cultural Centre of Alzira. From 13 to 17 February you had a chance to see many well-known speakers and experts, such as Manuel Pimentel, Paco Álvarez, Jordi Sevilla, Antonio Gutiérrez or Ricard Camarena and many others.

One of the objectives that was pursued during the event was to offer business and general citizenship as well as provide a space for reflection. Throughout the week, many conferences and workshops were held. Attendees got the chance to receive ideas and information which could facilitate entrepreneurship in the private and public sector. There were several prestigious speakers who presented keys to new business models and business trends.

Some days started with the tasting session of Alzira’s specialty the cake; La Reganya. The typical way to eat this cake is to dip it into chocolate pudding. After this people had to register and the talks could start. One could hear many interesting topics in both Valencian and Spanish language. For instance, some of the most popular topics were “Global perspectives and Spain”, “Challenges of the European Union and Brexit”, “Social dialogue and regional funding” and “Economy in the cities after the crisis”.

For us as volunteers, we got a lot of new impressions and what’s more, we were able to see IDEA and Alzira from a different perspective. We enjoyed the time we spent there since our working week was suddenly a bit different from other “routine” ones.

Unfortunately, due to the language barrier sometimes we couldn’t understand the talks properly, especially when they were given in Valencian. However, we made sure to engage in other responsibilities such as that of making PR for the event. In case you want to see the results, you can watch a short video above.



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