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It has been almost three weeks since my arrival to Alzira.

It is certainly different weather in Slovakia; my family begs me to send some sunshine everyday.

I knew about EVS for a while and applied repeatedly, today am one of those content ones who spend their time abroad working among Spanish colleagues and hearing Hola! from everywhere.Our project requires us to work in the office but also to learn Spanish and teach English.

Since the very first day and confusion at the train station I learnt that Spaniards are willing to help you in any case. I was warmly greeted and accepted by our mentor Jose Manuel and director Carmen, they introduced me to the whole IDEA office full of lovely people.

The very first day I also met Miguel from Colombia who makes the best coffee in the nearby bistro and tasted magical Tostadas con Tomate in another bar.As if it was a little for a newcomer to the country in just one day; Jose Manuel asked us to visit local Ràdio Alzira and give an interview. Ok, yes. But how? And right now?

Ashamed of my limited vocabulary and never speaking Spanish I just said Hola! to the listeners. Though, I was also glad to see that volunteers who were about to leave could really speak Spanish after months spent here!

Surprise, surprise, in the office of the local radio you might find a promotional picture of Bata company which originated in the Czech Republic; reminder of the familiar put a smile on my face.

The first day would not be that special haven´t it been also for witnessing Reganya Contest at Plaza Mayor, main square, the heart of the town. A typical cake of Alzira made with pumpkin is traditional for Easter period… but also available at other occasions.

Thinking of my first day now, I feel very lucky and happy to take the opportunity for doing EVS abroad. I remember the day I was applying for the project – I was excited. Excitement rose with unpredictability of the place, people and environment. I got the answers, but, each day seems so different to me; festive and surprising as only it could be.


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