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The first year of Biosfira festival took place in Parc de l’Alquenència, Alzira between 19-21 May. The green site adopted some more green thinking and the park flourished with entrepreneurs, small local businesses owners, supporters of veganism and many more.

A number of workshop and presentations were given; children enjoyed dancing and driving karts as an alternative to fuel-powered cars and experienced why adults get angry time to time…

You could also participate in workshops and learn how to prepare healthy dishes, how food influences our physical and mental states. Visitors also learnt how to make your own soap out of natural components. Importance of recycling was shown when we saw everyday objects changed into toys or decorations without wasting more natural resources. Workshops were accompanied by live Bossa nova and Jazz music and a great aroma of vegan burgers!

We wish Biosfira to continue annually in a great atmosphere and have more and more conscious visitors.


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