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Training Course Entrepreneurship ANKARA

Hello my name is Félix Sanz Párraga, I am volunteer for the organization Idea Alzira, developing European voluntary service (EVS) Erasmus +.

From the 13th to the 20th of April I was participating in the training course called Creative Young Entrepreneurship held in Ankara (Turkey) by Ankara Social Sciences University. This course hosted 35 people from all over Europe, to discuss the topic of entrepreneurship. The main objective of this project was to encourage the creation and management of entities/projects through teamwork and respect among peers.

It was a very interesting project where I learned a lot, especially during the brainstorming session, because came up very original ideas and different points of view that people of different nationalities had on a particular project. The best moments for me was the activity called “Problems in your country” and the cultural day. The first consisted in separated the volunteers by countries and each group talk about a problem of their country and what measures would take to solve it. The second, was a night where each person showed the history of their country as well as the typical food and drink.

Thanks to these two activities I learned about the cultures of the different countries of the volunteers, as well as some problems they have in their countries, helping me to understand more about the world we live in.

This has been my first European project and I hope this will not to be the last one, because it has been a great experience in every sense. All the participants of training course are friendly and nice people. They are interest in you and your country and that makes you feel very comfortable.

I recommend these kind of projects to all the people who want learn more about particular topics, improve their English or just want to meet new people from different countries to create new projects, sharing new experiences visiting the host city and talk about their lives and countries.


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