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Have You Ever Heard of Dolný Kubín?

I like being a volunteer so much! Today, I will tell you about one of the reasons why.

Ehm, actually, there are two reasons – two special people.

Their names are María and Jorge and they come from Alzira. They decided to do the EVS in a Slovak town named Dolný Kubín. The town situated in the northern part of Slovakia had been connecting trade between Balkans, territory of nowadays Slovakia and Poland during the Middle Ages. It is also a birthplace of poets, writers and inventors surrounded by beautiful mountains, magnificent Orava castle and the largest lake in Slovakia.

María and Jorge decided to take the opportunity and explore this mysterious territory. Indeed, many people do not know anything about Slovakia. Future volunteers accepted the challenge to learn basics of Slovak language before their departure. I realized it is such a difficult language … and I admired their effort to learn. I took a chance to introduce the country I come from: habits and traditions, history, food, language.

Struggling with Spanish-English-Slovak intercambio we managed to cover different topics and to become friends This week they left safety of their hometown and flew to Slovakia to explore the unknown.

EVS is a chance to change your lifestyle, to increase your chances to get employed afterwards, it is also a chance to learn one or two (perhaps more) languages and to learn about different cultures while you live abroad. And if you come from a bit smaller country – like me – it is also a great satisfaction to spread information about your origins.

¡Buena suerte! Veľa šťastia! Good luck!


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