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A trip to Madrid

The 12th of October was a holiday in Spain and Yusuf and I decided to go on a little trip. We visited Madrid. Actually in the beginning we planned to visit Segovia and Salamanca as well but Madrid was really fascinating and we didn’t want to leave Madrid after seeing that city.

We stayed 3 nights in Madrid at a hostel. I think we were so lucky about our hostel because people who were staying at the same time with us were so warm and good people. Some of them were from Australia and USA, some of them were from various countries in Asia and Europe of course. We had a nice relation and communication with them.

Yusuf and I tried to see as many different places in Madrid as possible. Believe me we walked at least 20 km all of the 4 days, definitely it was worth it but I will never forget how tired I was during the trip. We were staying in the heart of the city so I can say I saw almost all the city center area.Furthermore, we saw the Royal Palace of Madrid, Mercado San Miguel, Paseo del Prado, Gran Via, Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol etc.

We went to Parque de Retriro, I want to say that at this point I liked the parc very much; we also explored some secret gardens in Madrid that were remains from the Arabs, and those small gardens were also nice. At the night times we stayed awake but it was not easy after all the things during the day. We went to some bars and night clubs and I think the best part about the night life of the Madrid was the people of Madrid. We met a lot of different people from many different countries and now I have a really good friend from Madrid, we still keep in touch with him.

When we thought about why we liked that city that much I think the answer was ‘missing the capital city feeling’. I am born and bred in Ankara, the capital of Turkey and I used to live in the capital, no doubt there are a lot of beautiful cities in world but when you used to live in a capital city you don’t want to give up the advantages of that. I was missing that feeling and found it in Madrid.

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