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Tshirli – Volunteer experience

Hello everyone!

My name is Tshirli Sevango a 21-year-old student from Antwerp, Belgium.

I always wanted a foreign internship during my studies and that IDEA could offer me an internship, they responded positively to my needs. The main reasons why it had chosen to complete internship in Valencia was to learn the language better, it always looks good on your CV but also to challenge myself to survive independently in a country.

Valencia has pleasant temperatures so I almost did not survive winter as I’m used to in Belgium

I describe myself as someone who is very curious, have perseverance and like to take initiative. IDEA gave the space and the necessary support to develop myself within the organisation on the “European Programs” department.

This unique experience has given me a boost of confidence partly because all have brought to a positive ending, but also because I can contribute value to IDEA. I have enjoyed written a project to contribute to the development of IDEA Alzira to enhance European citizenship equality, solidarity, justice and social inclusion.

At the department I was welcomed with open hands by the EU project coordinator, Jose Manuel but also by the colleagues with whom I have worked (EVS and Eurodysee). I could always ask questions to the director of IDEA- ALzira , Carmen Herrero and all other staff within the organisation that I appreciated enormously. I am proud that I may call myself the first foreign interns received by the European Programs department.

I have not experienced this wonderful experience without the contribution of my school, the European Commission and of course IDEA ALZIRA, THANKS for this opportunity.

Who knows , maybe there will be a further cooperation in the future.



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