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El vecino de Ronaldo (Ronaldo’s neighbour)

Hello there! (probably one of my favourite expressions)

My name is Fábio, I am a 26-year-old Madeiran young man and currently taking part in the Eurodyssey programme here in IDEA.

As to what make me apply for it, simply by change. As I applied to an EVS (European Voluntary Service) I got to know about Eurodyssey and found it to be more appealing that the previous mentioned one.

I will be here until the 31st of March (I hope) working in the European projects department of IDEA and I hope to gain more experience in an area I have no idea how it works. I can deal with administration and management, since both were quite a big part of my job, it’s the European projects part that gets me a bit nervous. Being from Portugal, and born in the early 90s, I did not learn that much about the marvellous thing that the European Union is. The problem is that my ignorance is still there, and I always feel some reluctance and even boredom to get to know it. Fortunately, nowadays young people from my country have a better grasp about the community that my generation had (and probably has).

For these two weeks it has been quite a journey. I am always terrified of looking like an idiot for not knowing something that should be obvious. On the other hand, I am very direct and sometimes shameless, so I just end up asking the most silly and simple questions. In the end, I just underestimate my ability and as a very important friend of mine once told me: “You cannot take a compliment, it is annoying sometimes.”

All in all, I give and will keep giving my best to be of any use and help, and through this adventure try as hard as possible to keep learning and gain skills and knowledge that will, without a doubt enrich my capabilities as well as clear a way for a better future, both personal and professional. Needless to say, I am profoundly grateful to have been chosen to take part in the Eurodyssey program here in the Valencian community, namely Alzira.


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