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My lovely experience in Ankara

Hi readers! My name is Francesc Clari, from Alzira, and I was in a Training Course in Ankara. The name of the TC was “Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Youth Projects”, so I’m going to tell you about my experience.

That was my first experience abroad and before I went to Ankara I knew that at the beginning I will want to go back to Spain, at the same time I was convinced that at the end I will not want to leave Ankara. So the first day it happened, and the last day I cried like a baby.

During the TC, I enjoyed everything and everybody, especially I have to thank the trainers, because they knew how to handle all of professional and personal situations. I really loved a week-long living with awesome people from different cultures. I have learned so much about them and about different points of view on life. I became more motivated and open minded. I also have “a bag full” of experiences, knowledge and nice people and I’ve written more things in my “What To Do Before 2018 Ends” list.

About the cultural matter, there aren’t too many differences between cultures, but we have a lot of barriers caused by the language level in our country. We need to go abroad, open our mind, get extroverted and understand better the world.

I would like to go abroad again and again, and I recommend Training Course to everybody who wants to get in contact with unknown cultures, knowledge or languages because also TC´s can develop tolerance, cooperation, critical thinking and many more values.


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