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My first experience abroad

Hello, my name is Desa Palomo and I am from Alzira (SPAIN), I participated in a training course in Ankara. Here I will tell you about my experience.

The name of the TC is “Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Youth Projects”.

This was my first experience abroad and my first TC. Thanks to this experience, my way of thinking has changed. My mind is more open and I’m sure In 2018 I’m going to make effort and time to participate in another TC.

I knew that at the beginning it would not be easy, that it is always difficult to get out of our comfort zone and that I would like to return to my home … and it was like that. The first two days I wanted to leave, but when the third one arrived, I didn’t want the week to end. The days were passing and I liked being there more and more. We always had things to do, and if not, we invented some game ourselves. The talks we had were very interesting, the games that the organization prepared for us were fun and entertaining, the tour of the city of Ankara was beautiful.

I met really wonderful people; I knew the culture of each of them, the customs of their countries, the good and the bad of each country.

About the organizers, I could not say more than good words, they knew perfectly how to handle each of the situations, if we had any problems, they did not hesitate to help us.

To all the readers: I recommend that you take part in a training course, do not be afraid, it is an incredible experience.


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