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Probably the best summer of my life

By choosing to participate in a European Project in Poland, Alba has broadened her horizons and gained new skills. Here are the recollections of her abroad experience during last summer.

“I feel so lucky because I experienced in two months what I could experiment in a whole year at my country. I learnt how to work with kids and I was so surprised to discover that part of me that enjoy playing with them, the atmosphere in the classroom was perfect and the kids gave me a lot of energy and taught me to look more at the bright side of life. I learnt plenty of new things from people from different countries, actually I can say I know how to cook pierogui (typicall polish food)! When I think about the people I knew I feel emotional and I miss them, but it makes me feel better to know that I can visit friends from all over Europe!! And last but not least, I improved a lot my oral skills speaking in English. I know it might sound exaggerated, but the truth is that I can say it was probably the best summer of my life.”

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