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An experience of oneself discovering

Welcome to Alexandra´s story and a point of view on participation in the Training Course which took place between 12. -20. November 2017 in Ankara.

How was the training course in Ankara? What was the topic of the TC?

In general, very well. The course was called “Training Course Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Youth Projects”.

Was this your first experience abroad?

Yes. It is the first time that I have left my country, but I hope it is not the last time to have this experience again.

What differences and similarities between cultures did you witness? Did you learn about something particularly surprising for you?

One of the most striking differences was in the UK or Romania young people get married at age 16, but in Spain for example, is between 25/35 years. There are countries whose cultures are very similar, like Italy, France with respect to Lithuania, UK …

Do you believe Erasmus Plus projects are important when increasing tolerance, cooperation and skills development of the young people?

Yes, at least give your opinion or to see how your culture is compared to other countries.

What did you like the most?

The activities carried out during the training course and to be able to learn, within my measurements, the language.

What specific results and effects did this TC give you? Would you like to attend another TC?

In my opinion, very positive. Thanks to this opportunity I have learned to try to get rid of the fear of speaking in English, to leave my comfort zone, to meet new people, to open my mind and to know other types of thoughts or other points of view.

Yes, I would like to participate in another TC but with higher level of English, to be able to communicate better.

Alexandra Ramirez Martí

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