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On the importance of arboriculture (Coraline´s story)


Hola, I am Coraline. I am originally from Reunion Island (so I am French), studied in England, was living in Brussels and now working in Alzira. It may sound peculiar, but I would not describe myself as someone who particularly likes travelling, I just follow what comes along according to my objective. And Eurodisea came up when I least expected it. So I followed this opportunity and it brought me into a very unexpected and wonderful experience in Spain.


I am a landscape architect, I graduated from Sheffield University (UK) two years ago. What I like about Eurodisea is that it completely takes me out of my comfort zone. I am still learning about the profession in a language that I am also still learning (and a bit of the local language Valenciano too!), it may be the hard way to learn, but at the end of the day, it is incredibly enriching in all professionally, personally and culturally aspects of it.


In the department of MedioAmbiente (Environment), we are working on various great projects of different scales, but there is one that I truly find amazing: it is more of a planning project called “el Anillo Verde” (the Green Ring) which is a green route along the periphery of Alzira. The idea is to implement more trees, encourage more alternative transportation, such as cycling and walking, improve the connections between Alzira and the other cities around, and promote historical heritage.

We have been doing presentations and workshops with the local community in order to listen to their opinions, and so far, the general feedback has been quite positive! It is only the beginning of this “Green Ring” project but it looks very promising, and I have no doubt that it will bring a lot to Alzira once implemented.

More info in these links:


Alzira is a very nice medium-sized city: it has everything you need, there is a river and beautiful mountains, great food, people are warm, and so is the climate most of the time. And it is only 30 minutes away from Valencia in train.


I would definitively recommend Eurodisea to anyone who would like to get herself or himself into a professional and cultural challenge, while meeting a whole new bunch of friendly people along the journey!


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