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A wonderful opportunity

Hi everyone!

My name is Inés, I am from Benidorm and I am going to tell you about my wonderful opportunity.

In November I participated in the TC “Risk Assessment and Risk Management in Youth Projects” in Ankara (Turkey), organized by Hacettepe University along with participants from different countries. I can only say good words about this experience, from the perfect coexistence with my classmates, to the correct organization of the project, activities, monitors, accommodation…

What I liked the most is that you not only learn about technical things in the classes. From the beginning to the end of the project, you also learn to live with other cultures, sexes and ages, and it is great to see how we all do to be well and be laughing all the time.

It was my first project outside of Spain, but of course I hope it is not the last one.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to experience something unique and to open their minds.


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