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So we spoke...

On the radio. In Spanish.

We tried our best to express how important our Erasmus+ experience is to all of us and how much it can bring to local young people. And not only to the young people. IDEA promotes internships for people over 30 years so they can build or re-build their curriculum and have practical experience in the field of study and interest.

We encourage you to make a step towards your future. Maybe one day you will find yourself in a foreign country speaking a language you did not speak before, surrounded by a wonderful net of friends and learning… because the process of learning is never ending.

Maybe you will learn so much more about your limits and find a way how to expand them. Or you will define your learning and teaching techniques and you will explore them with people who once were strangers, but now they are your friends.

And perhaps the best mentor you could ever imagine (José Manuel) will take you to Alzira Ràdio (local radio station) and then will take you a picture with a gigantic Belén in Casa de Cultura in Alzira. And you will remember the day the project was only a dream and see how much you grew during making that dream a reality.

Merry Christmas! ¡Feliz Navidad!


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