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The good life

This is first post on the blog even though I have been here already for 7 months. I decided to write this blog because something interesting happened that I consider it to be quite special.

Maybe I was just carried away by the Christmas Holidays magic aura that is all around us but maybe not, who knows, but nevertheless, yesterday us the teachers and our students organized a small Christmas lunch gathering in one of the local restaurants of Alzira (who by the way according to me are champions of the cuisine world, any place you visit, it is like a rule that almost certainly the food will be delicious).

Anyway, this Tuesday 12.12.2017, at exactly 12 o´clock, Eva and I, met with our students in front of IDEA, and immediately we were headed to the restaurant “La Buena Vida”. There we spent 2 hours just talking and bonding and it felt like we developed this bond between us, being friends in a way, overcoming the previous official student-teacher relation. All and all in the end we all had so much fun, and we agreed that next Tuesday we will meet again in same numbers, and this time we will be doing Secret Santa. Stay tuned.


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